At Yoga For One we provide you with your own personal and private prenatal yoga program in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Your personal yoga session is designed to meet your needs and those of your growing baby. Each posture is designed with your specific needs in mind. As your baby grows, your body and your emotions will change.. your personal yoga session can help you adapt to this change.

Personal Yoga Training

Pregnancy is a time to nurture yourself and with an exclusive private session of prenatal yoga, you are offering yourself this time to prepare for the birth of your baby and time to reflect on the constant transformation that is taking place within yourself. Prenatal yoga allows you the space to honor these changes..

 One on One Pregnancy Yoga

By practicing the different aspects of yoga, you give yourself the space to reconnect with your innate wisdom. This wisdom, deep within your belly intuitively knows and understands the natural way to birth your baby. Prenatal yoga will help you feel more relaxed in your body and emotions, be more at peace with the present moment and help you to experience peace with yourself and with the new life that is growing within your womb.

Personal Pregnancy Yoga

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